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#440 fixed sstrip is obsolete rainer rainer

The sstrip utility is obsolete, i.e. does nothing with modern executables. To be removed.

#439 fixed Support for systemd rainer rainer

Requested by several users, though the reason remains unclear...

#438 fixed RPM spec file has problems rainer rainer

As pointed out by Franky Van L., there are two problems:

When setting the PASSWORD environment variable, this fails with 
another error:

error: syntax error in expression
error: .../SPECS/samhain.spec:75: bad %if condition

It seems changing line 75 from
   %if 0%{?password}
   %if "%{?password}" != ""
fixes it (reason being that it is always defined at the top in the 
spec file, we just need to check if it is empty or not).

Another small thing going wrong in the is that when 
compiling with
./configure --enable-xml-log --enable-network=server \
  --with-config-file=REQ_FROM_SERVER/etc/samhainrc \
  --with-data-file=REQ_FROM_SERVER/var/lib/samhain/samhain_file \
  --with-database=mysql --prefix=USR

the resulting rpm (yule), claims the ownership of /run (which of 
course is wrong and should not happen). Currently I work around 
that by editing and commenting out the line "%dir 
@mylockdir@" , but the correct thing would be to check for its 
value and skip it only in case of "/run" or "/var/run".
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